Angelica Lemke, ND

AL_bioI am a Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopath located on Bainbridge Island, Washington specializing in the treatment of complex chronic disease in children and adults using natural medicine. I enjoy helping whole families heal and empowering them with the tools and philosophy of natural healing. I see the vast majority of my clients at a distance over phone & Skype, and have clientele from all around the world.

My education and development

My journey in healing has been a long and focused effort and has resulted in a niche skill set comprised of a strong medical background, a deep study of human constitutional patterns, and a honing of natural intuitive gifts. I care deeply about helping my clients heal, so I do what clinically works, and have taken methodologies from Naturopathic medicine, various schools of homeopathy, and incorporating effective healing tools taught to me by my patients themselves.

My medical education includes 5 years of naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University; I am licensed as a primary care doctor in the state of California. Bastyr gave me a solid backing to understand the complex diagnoses I encounter in the majority of my cases. I have completed 4 years of training with the New England School of Homeopathy with Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, and have also attended workshops and studied the homeopathic teachings of Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten. My undergraduate studies took place at Georgetown University.

When I started to practice, I found I had an incredible well of compassion for treating sick children that fueled my drive to work hard and find ways to help parents truly heal their kids. Now, the majority of my cases are children on the spectrum, with PANS, and with other chronic and developmental diseases. At first, my work with this group was solely focused on classical homeopathic prescribing, where only one (constitutional) remedy is given at a time in an effort to find just the right key to unlock the whole pattern of symptoms; mental, emotional, and physical.

While finding the correct constitutional remedy is still at the heart of my practice, I have found that in the complex, many-layered illnesses I address, there are major roadblocks preventing or slowing down the kind of self-healing we look for in response to well chosen constitutional remedies. In Autism, examples include vaccines, heavy metals, parasites, and various pathogens that have overrun the weakened immune system.

Becoming a CEASE certified therapist helped to address this challenge. Giving homeopathic preparations made from the specific pathogen or substance that is damaging the body, helps unblock the body’s immune response to it. An example would be homeopathic preparations of vaccines for clearing vaccine damages. Through hundreds of cases, I’ve come to recognize these roadblocks, everything from latent strep infections to candida and heavy metal toxicity, and learn how best to address them.

Another difficulty I have encountered is the subtle differential diagnosis of similar remedies and choice of dosing and remedy potency. For these hurdles, I’ve learned to utilize Applied Kinesiology (AK), or muscle testing as it’s often called. The use of muscle testing has greatly improved the accuracy of my prescribing, dosing, and potency selection. This has proved a valuable expansion and honing of my intuitive gifts; throughout this journey I’ve learned again and again that the highest potential to heal, comes from a place of receptive, heart-based ‘listening’.

I am extremely grateful to the clients I have had; each and every one has helped me take steps towards becoming a more effective healer. In turn, I strive to help create healers in the parents and individuals I work with. The key to healing is self-growth and the development of inner faith, not reliance upon someone else to do the healing for you. I tell parents that their greatest enemy in this journey is fear, and their greatest asset faith. More than anything else, it is parents’ surrender of their own power that leads away from the path to healing, and faith and an open heart full of love, that helps stay the course.

I am currently teaching an advanced homeopathy course on Plant remedies to a group of 10-20 students I have been mentoring over the past 2 years. This group of women are studying homeopathy for personal and professional purposes, and most of them are mothers who recovered their own children from varying diagnoses (ASD/PANDAS/Lyme) using homeopathy. The style of homeopathy that I am teaching I call “intuitive homeopathy”, more information on this can be found at the website that I founded: www.intuitivehomeopathy.com