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New Homeopathy Class – Animal Remedies

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I am teaching another online homeopathy class, this time with a focus on the animal remedies and their utility in ASD & other chronic pediatric conditions. This class will include 8 online seminar sessions, taught twice a month for 2 hours each time (with a 15 minute break halfway through). The class time will be every other Friday from 5 – 7:30 PM PST, and the dates are as follows: February 19, March 4, March 18, April 1, April 15, April 29, May 13, & May 27. You can read more about the class and find the registration form here, at the Expansion School. If you missed the first online class, the videos will soon be available for purchase – please get in touch if...

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Sedona Healer’s Retreat Video

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This past week I had the privilege of leading a retreat in Sedona AZ along with Tami Duncan, for 16 moms of kids with ASD and PANDAS diagnoses – all moms who are on a journey of becoming healers, for themselves, their families and communities. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my career – to watch women in loving community, heal each other, and go home spiritually renewed, centered in their hearts and more empowered. It is surely an event that most moms with kids, regardless of diagnosis, could benefit from. We live in a culture that tends to validate moms who burn themselves out, put themselves’ last, and forget their own inner power. This retreat on the other hand awakened within its participants their own inner power, the healer within, and their unique intuitive voices. It was really a gift to be able to organize and be a part of! Just to get some idea of what it was about – you can go to this youtube link and get a feel for what was experienced, a small summary of the retreat: Note: Lyrica was a guest speaker at the retreat, this is her website:...

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A Healer’s Retreat – At Beautiful Angel Valley, Sedona

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A Healer’s Retreat – At Beautiful Angel Valley, Sedona

April 23-26, 2015 Join Angelica Lemke and Tami Duncan on a beautiful journey of relaxation, friendships, energy healing and learning. As we merge the methods of homeopathy and energy healing to create a beautiful, spiritually guided approach called Intuitive Homeopathy. Join us and experience new methods, intuition opening experiences, meditation, and inner work in the beauty of Sedona. Open your intuition and receive spiritual guidance to bring your clients and family deeper healing and spiritual epiphanies. This retreat is for the experienced and beginner homeopath, home healer and energy healer. The curriculum is geared for the group coming so all will be engaged and enjoy fun, yet deep work to open our intuition and learn new methods in homeopathy. For all the details and to register, please go to my classes page on...

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Case Studies Posted

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Dear Clients & Visitors, I have begun to post some case examples from my practice in the resources section, on the page called Case Examples. For the first addition, I’ve included three ASD cases that help demonstrate the range of complexity of treatment that I see in my practice. You can see the cases here. I hope that these cases are both inspiring and also helpful in giving a sense of the diversity of ways in which these cases proceed, and the long term benefits of vigilant treatment and follow up with...

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Upcoming Online Classes

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I’ll be teaching an introductory web conference class with Beth Monterosso in May and June. The class is to introduce the use of homeopathy in treating ASD for parents and caregivers. There will be time dedicated to questions and answers, reviewing recovered ASD cases, and information on home prescribing and dosing of homeopathic remedies for acute situations. If you’re interested, go to my ONLINE CLASSES page for more information. Hope to see you in the...

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Acute versus Chronic

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My husband Ryan and I finally succumbed to a bout of the flu this Christmas holiday – but we had it coming. We had had a series of plane trips and some day-long car trips through the Midwest, all without our typical ‘healthy’ snacks from our beloved local health food store, limiting our ‘car food’ options to potato chips and sugar drinks bought at gas stations. Once we arrived at Ryan’s family’s house in Washington state, I felt myself rapidly deteriorating with a deep tight cough forming and a dull headache. I awoke the next day in a state of delirium and body aches. Luckily I brought my homeopathy travel kit with me – and took a dose of Influenzium as well as my constitutional remedy. While its possible this may have foreshortened the duration of illness, I still suffered from aches, pains and nausea well into the next day. About 36 hours into it I realized I was in an ‘acute’ state. As I lay in bed, my husband would yell upstairs ‘Honey are you ok?’ and each time he did so, he’d wake me up out of my delirium and I’d grunt back ‘I’m fine’ but felt increasingly annoyed at his attempts to console me. It took a while for me to realize this, but I did not want to move from my place in bed, and I was quite annoyed each time my well-intentioned husband tried to help me. With that realization, the name of the remedy BRYONIA, popped into my head. Could I need this remedy as an acute? I found a dose of Bryonia 200c in my kit, popped a few pellets – and within 10 minutes was out of bed and back to socializing.  Bryonia also brought on some heavy sweating that evening (I had previously been mucous free and chilly without fever), as well as got my mucous running. The next day was composed of filling up tissues from a faucet of a nose, but within three days of falling ill, I mostly recovered. Had I figured out I needed Bryonia earlier, most likely that would have been shorter. Bryonia is in the Violet family, and it has the feeling of ‘UGH!, don’t bother me, don’t talk to me, don’t even touch me – I don’t feel good and all I want is to lay in this place, with some peace and quiet and stillness. Just let me watch tv on the couch, don’t bother me, I’ve been working too hard, and I just need to plant myself here and recover. ‘  Bryonia was especially useful for me because I had been moving around from place to place without a bedroom to call home for a while, as well as simply working too hard. I wanted total REST, and I wanted to ROOT down in one place. However even for me, as a professional homeopath, it took me 36 hours of delirium for me to realize that I was in an ‘acute’ state. So just what IS an acute state? According to my homeopathy gurus, Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, an acute state is when what is ‘normal’ for you – is no longer the case. For example, normally I enjoy the doting of my husband, but in this acute state –...

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NAC Conference in St. Petersburg

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I had the wonderful opportunity to give a talk at the National Autism Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida this weekend. It was great fun to meet many of the families I work with, and am looking forward to our next chance to spend time together.

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