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Homeopathy Resources


I have been fortunate to have several internet-saavy clients who have created excellent blogs about their children’s healing process.

Resources for Personal Growth

With all the stresses parents of children on the spectrum endure, it is important for them to prioritize their own personal and spiritual development. Tami Duncan offers some excellent guided meditations for parents of children on the spectrum that I love:

Links for Homeopathic Pharmacies

  • Helios (UK) – This pharmacy is in London and is where we order many of our remedies. To order, go to website, Enter the Shop. Go to Made to Order remedies. Find the remedy. Click on Centessimal Potencies. Order FORM: pills size 6 and SIZE: 4g pills No.6  POTENCY: choose as needed.
  • Alchemists Apothecary – This pharmacy is in San Diego and sells a lot of specialized remedies for ASD such as vaccine nosodes.  Remedies from here need to be ordered under the care of a homeopath.
  • Hahnemann Labs – This pharmacy out of California can express mail remedies to you quickly, but the cost of the remedies are slightly more expensive.  If you order a nosode from this pharmacy – you will need the permission of a homeopath.